Monday, December 26, 2011

What's In A Word?

In Moon Spun, the third book in the Unbidden Magic series, Allie ventures into the faery realm. I spent hours trying to decide what to call my version of faery land. As I began to build my new world, it truly became a magical place. In the twinkling of an eye, it could change from a tropical paradise to arid desert. From rolling seashore to jagged mountain peaks. More than one sun or moon? No problem. It was inhabited by magical creatures, some good, some not so good. Water sprites. Pixies. Bilious Blurkers. Fee Lions and Kelpies. It had boundless possibilities.
Boundless. I would call my faery world Boundless for all the above reasons. Conversely, the mortal world became Boundland. It seemed to fit. In the mortal world we must conform to the laws of gravity, a fixed universe, the inability to fly without mechanical aid and a finite number of creatures, both human and otherwise.

As the New Year approaches, I find I’m still entranced by the word boundless. As a writer, it suggests unlimited possibilities. All those pictures in my mind will not be wasted, but hopefully channeled into my next book. The emails I receive from people who enjoy what I write give me boundless energy. As a wife and mother, I am filled with boundless gratitude for the health and happiness of my family.

And, dear readers, this blog could not exist without you. Though we live in the mortal world, the Boundless spirit exists in all of us. It is yours for the taking. May your lives be filled with bountiful, unbridled and boundless joy in the coming year. May this brand new year become the start of something wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Happy New Year!

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