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Rita Henuber and Military Heroines

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Welcome to Book Blather, Rita.

         Thanks so much for having me here. I love reading and writing. I write about extraordinary women and the men they love. Military heroines.  Women at the top of their field in a man’s world. They don’t want a man to take care of them they want a man who will accept them for who they are and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their adventures. I’m frequently asked why I write military stories and more to the point why are my heroines the ones in the military.
         Well, I come from a family, who over the years, have served in every branch of the service in every conflict since WWI. I have ancestors who served in British conflicts back to the early 1800’s. Two great, great, great, great uncles were in the Charge of the Light Brigade. Thomas Dunn, a corporal, and Alexander James Dunn, a lieutenant were members of the 11th Hussars, a British Army unit. Lieutenant Dunn was killed in the battle. Corporal Dunn was one of the fabled survivors.
         I have stories of family in WWI but no proof.  SO, fast forward to the next war to end all wars and I have many, many relatives who served. Some weren’t even in the military. Half of my family lives in Florida. Have since the early 1920s. An uncle owned several shrimp boats. One day, after the start of WWII, some scary guys in suits and uniforms showed up and said his boats were needed to protect the east coast from U-boats. There was no please. No thank you. No payment. All his boats were taken and he never got them back. He never complained. He was proud he could help.                                       
         My daddy trained Coast Guard recruits in Florida and Washington State, and patrolled in the North Atlantic riding shotgun for convoys.  
         Another Uncle was a Navy ace in that war and in Korea.
         One uncle, on the other side of my family, was home in December 1941 for 30 days of leave before he was to report to his next duty. His next duty? The USS Arizona in Hawaii.
         My husband’s uncle served in Germany.
         Hubs was a Marine and served in Vietnam.
         One son was with the first Marines into Bagdad in the Iraq war.
         There are many others but I think you get the point. The military in is my DNA.
         The next question is why write military heroines? I feel like the women in the service of this country are under appreciated.
          George Washington credits winning the war against England to six colonial spies who risked their lives to bring him information. One of them was a woman whose name has never been discovered.
         Dr. Mary Edwards Walker is the only woman to receive a Congressional Medal of Honor for her efforts during the Civil War. Her name was deleted from the Medal of Honor Roll in 1917. She was asked to return the medal and refused, wearing it every day until she died.
         Agnes Meyer Driscoll known as Madame X, an American cryptanalyst for the U.S. Navy during World War I was a brilliant code breaker.
         During WWII over 1000 women in this country flew every type of military aircraft, ferrying them to military bases and departure points. They were test pilots and towed targets to give gunners training. Their service wasn’t recognized until the 70s 
         I have a special place in my heart for the nurses who took care of those who fought in Vietnam.
         The person who is credited with finding the terrorist leader who ordered the 9/11 attacks (I refuse to say his name) is a woman.      
My question is: why don’t we have more books with military heroines?

My new book, Point of No Return, is about a female Marine Corps Intelligence officer. She is smart, tough and a patriot.

A hot sexy prequel, No Holding Back, is free and tells how my hero and heroine met.

Under Fire: The Admiral is really close to my heart. It starts with a plane crash in the jungle, has Navy SEALS, narco subs and bad guys, and ends up in Paris.  SHE is the admiral who falls for a younger man, a doctor. 

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Author Spotlight: Barbara White Daille

Originally from the East Coast, award-winning author Barbara White Daille now lives with her husband in the warm, sunny Southwest, where they love the lizards in the front yard but could do without the scorpions in the bathroom.  Barbara writes romances—usually with cowboys, kids, and a touch of humor.  Her current title is Rancher at Risk, and she’s excited that her upcoming book, The Texan’s Little Secret, releases in less than a month! If any of you would like to write a review, she would be glad to provide you with a copy. It is also posted on Net Galley.
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Welcome to Book Blather, Barbara.

Thanks so much to the Book Blather Blog for this opportunity to drop by and share news about my upcoming release.  We’re in the countdown with this book, which debuts in just a couple of weeks!    

One of the things I love most about writing romance (besides the hot cowboys who always seem to be moseying along just when I need one for a new book) is the chance to write about relationships between different types of characters.

Naturally, the focus in a romance is on the hero and heroine.  But in The Texan’s Little Secret, for example, I love that I’m also able to show scenes between the hero and his baby daughter…the heroine and her father…even scenes with a much-too-nosy stallion or with a cantankerous bull who steals the stage.

I’m super-excited about the book, which some readers have called a “secret baby story—with a twist.”  It includes one of my yummiest heroes but also one of my most conflicted heroines.  Because of this, watching this pair work out the troubles between them made me cry more than once.  I hope the story affects readers as much as it did me. 

As you can see, the Art Department did the book proud by putting the hero and his child on the cover.  I’m thrilled, since it’s the perfect picture to show Luke’s love for little girl. 

Here’s a look at the cover copy for the book

The Texan’s Little Secret

Coming home might be the worst decision Carly Baron has ever made. Each minute on her family's busy ranch is one minute closer to seeing him—her first love—the man who broke her heart seven years ago. While coming face-to-face with Luke Nobel again brings back painful memories, Carly quickly realizes there are other strong feelings just under the surface…. 

Luke would be a lot better off if Carly had stayed away. Being a single dad to an adorable two-year-old girl and managing the Roughneck is tough enough, but resisting the sparks that fly whenever he and Carly are together is near impossible. But first she must tell him her secret. The truth could heal their past…or forever destroy their chances of becoming a family.

And here’s a peek into the story:

Carly gripped the rail on either side of her.  "This was a pleasure ride—or so I thought.  And here you are working.  Are you always so thorough when it comes to your job?"

"I try to be.  With the job and everything else."

A shiver ran down her spine at Luke’s suggestive words.  But darn him, he simply looked back at her steadily, without a sign of teasing in his expression.

"You were that way with your job at the garage, too," she said.

"I tried to be.  No matter what anyone else thought."

"Why would anyone think something different?"

"Folks come up with crazy notions."

"About you?  Straight-arrow Luke?  I don't believe it.  Notions like what?"

He hesitated, then shrugged.  "Like I wasn't always such a straight arrow.  Like I pulled underhanded tricks to get whatever I wanted."  He turned his head and squinted against the glare of the lowering sun.  "We'd better head back soon, before we lose the light."

She nodded.

"Did you enjoy the ride?"

"Yes, actually."

He smiled.  "You sound as if you didn't expect to."

"I didn't."

One look at his face last night had told her he wouldn't accept no for an answer about taking her out on horseback.  Besides, he'd had her at a disadvantage.  "I didn't want to go on this ride at all.  You knew that.  But you also knew I wouldn't give you the satisfaction of arguing with Daddy and Anna standing right there."

He rested one hip against the fence, toasted her with his water bottle, and grinned.  "Thanks for giving me credit for that much, at least.  How did it go after I left?"

"I'm still standing, aren't I?"

"Sitting, technically."  He looked her over from head to toe.  "You do that well.  And you don't do badly on the back of a horse."

"Thanks for nothing."

He shrugged.  "Hey, it is nothing compared to riding a bull.  I gave you an easy out."

"Easy?  You'd better not let Daredevil hear you say that."

He took a long swig from his bottle, throat muscles working hard.  "You just had to choose the most cantankerous horse in the stable, didn't you?"

She smiled.  He'd nearly had a conniption when she had led the stallion, already saddled, out of the barn.

His mouth curved in a half-smile.  "Daredevil might be bull-headed—like some people I know—but he's still horseflesh.  And my offer to help with the bull riding tips still stands."

Dang.  After her sessions with Twister, she wasn't a hundred percent sure she even wanted to ride a live bull again.   

And after the way everything had ended between them, she couldn't believe Luke Nobel still wanted to help her.  Worse, she couldn't believe what she still wanted from him—and it involved a heck of a lot more than tips on how to ride a bull.

A proposition like this one, from a champion rider...  Turning him down would make her seem as wild and crazy as her family had always thought.

On the other hand, accepting his offer, agreeing to get close to him, would prove her just plain crazy.

Thanks for reading!  And please feel free to leave comments or questions.  I’ll be around to chat.

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