Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Meet Gabe Delgado

Those of you who follow my writing career, know I’m embarking on a new journey, namely a book called The Blue Rose. I think it’s time you met the main character, Gabriel Delgado. Gabe, the son of a Hispanic Boeing engineer and Caucasian mother, is a senior in high school and a star basketball player. Should be one of the best times of his life. Right? Well, maybe not. Here’s Gabe to tell you about it.

*Warning* This book is for older teens. The content is a bit edgier.

Q. You just started your senior year, Gabe. How’s it going?

Gabe: Pretty good until I got my little surprise.

Q. Let’s back up a little and ease into the whole surprise thing. Tell us about your family.

Gabe: Well, there’s me and my two brothers, Simon and Henry. And my dad, of course. His name’s Ernesto but we’re old school and call him Papi. Our mom took off when I was ten. She’s now married to an orthodontist in Scottsdale.

Q. So, it’s an all male household.

Gabe: Was an all male household.

Q. Oh, yeah, the surprise. How did that happen?

Gabe: Really? You don’t know?”

Q. What I meant to say was, describe the circumstances around the, um, precipitating event.

Gabe: (laughing) Precipitating event? Okay, I plead the fifth. I was messed up last year. Hanging out with a bunch of guys who like to party. I did a lot of bad things that I'm truly sorry for. Let’s just say I don’t remember much about the night it happened.

Q. Do you still hang with the same crowd?

Gabe: No way. My dad got fed up and sent me to Mexico for the summer. I lived with my Tia Lorena. No TV. No Internet. Had to ride a girl’s bike into the village to buy corn meal. Extremely humbling.

Q. So you came back a new man.

Gabe: Absolutely. Party time is over. I have responsibilities.

Q. Looks like there were consequences for last year’s behavior. Or should I say …misbehavior.

Gabe: Yes, there were consequences. You’ve heard the term “baby daddy?”

Q. I’m familiar with the term. I noticed the tats and have to ask. Who’s Gracie? Mother of baby?

Gabe: Remember what I said before? About being messed up?

Q. Do you even know a Gracie?

Gabe: Apparently I did at one time, ‘cause there she is, tattooed on my chest.

Q. Okay, Gabe, thanks. Is it okay if we check in with you from time to time to see how you’re handling the parenting bit?

Gabe: Sure, drop in anytime. I'll be here, changing diapers and covered in baby drool.

 Author Note: The Blue Rose will be available late 2013, published by Bell Bridge Books.

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