Monday, December 17, 2012

Meet AlexTelander

Our guest today, author Alex Telander, is the creator of the popular book review website, Book Banter. Alex, a native of Malaga on the south coast of Spain, also reviews books for the San Francisco Book Review and the Sacramento Book Review. His books include a young adult fantasy, Kyra, a thriller called Nothing is an Accident and a post apocalyptic science fiction novel. He is currently working on a historical fiction epic set in fifth century Britain. He welcomes visitors to his website and invites you to contact him there. Welcome to Book Blather, Alex. Tell us more about Kyra.

Kyra is a teenage girl who has problems fitting in with school and friends and just her whole life in general; even her family seems odd. But when she closes her eyes at night, she is transported to another world, a place of wonder and joy, where she finds her real friends, and everything she's ever wanted. And then the day arrives when she is finally transported to this world, and it is just as incredible as she ever imagined. The people already know who she is, and when she meets the beautiful queen, she can't get over how much she looks like her own mother; even the queen’s husband looks just like her father, which is just weird. But her memories of her old life and old world are starting to disappear, and she has no idea why.

 Nevertheless, Enchantus is just as wondrous as it was in her dreams. But everything isn’t perfect. There is an evil in the world of Aisis Lip that threatens not just the kingdom of Enchantus, but every living thing in the realm. Its name is Jolus the Malignant and it wants to bring an end to everything, to enslave everyone, and become ruler of all. Kyra is the Chosen One, and she knows it’s up to her to face this Jolus the Malignant and try to save Aisis Lip.. Enchantus is everything she imagined it would be, and she doesn’t want to leave, but is she willing to risk her life to save everyone and everything? Is she willing to face this creature and try to kill it? Is she willing to fight for the once place she feels she truly belongs? She is just a teenage girl after all, even if she is the Chosen One. Can she really do it?

Here's a brief excerpt from Telander's novel, Kyra.

Jolus the Malignant had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Chosen One and her Guide when the door in front of him blew to smithereens.  Some splinters shot passed his head, one burying itself in his hand.  He pulled it out, studied the dark red end, and stuck it in his mouth, sucking on his own blood.  He watched the dust settle and smoke disperse, and then spat out the splinter when he saw the two in the doorway.  They looked little worse for wear.  He hadn’t necessarily expected them to get this far, and to best all his guards, as well as get past the many traps he’d set along the way.  The boy had a wound in his side, but it was minor compared to Jolus’s imagined wounds they should’ve sustained.  Seeing them there, ready to do battle wasn’t how he’d intended it all to happen.  And he certainly hadn’t expected Kyra to possess a power to demolish one of his doors.  This wasn’t the Kyra he’d seen in his visions.  For the first time, Jolus wondered about the outcome of this final battle.  But he had his ways, one of which was guaranteed to work, should it be necessary.




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