Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ask writers why they write and you’ll get a bajillion different answers. If you want to go deep, the answer might be, “Like all human beings, I have a powerful urge to create.” Another might say, “I love playing with words, creating characters, giving them a past, present and future.” All excellent answers.

Some people are multi-talented and my examples are close to home. I write for a company called Belle Books. Publisher/owner, Debra Dixon, puts in long hours at her day job and always answers emails from her authors the same day she receives them, a rarity in the world of publishing. She also makes quilts in her spare time. Co-publisher/owner, Deborah Smith, writes best-selling books, works as an editor, creates pendants for authors to give out at book signings and paints. Truly impressive!

And then there’s me. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I love to write. I especially love the fact that my books are published and people like to read what I write. (Okay, not everybody) And, yes, I do have the urge to create. So, why do I write? Because my hands are FRIGGIN’ BLUNT INSTRUMENTS, that’s why. (Sorry about the yelling.)                  

I write because I draw like a three-year-old. I’m good at Words With Friends but I suck at Pictionary.

I write because nobody told me when I paint by numbers, to let one color dry before I apply a second and smush up it all up into a big, fat multi-colored mess. Hey, maybe I could call it abstract art and make the big bucks.

I write because I no longer make candles. Imagine, if you will, smoldering, red-hot paraffin in claw-like hands. Any questions?
I no longer knit since the unfortunate incident when my multiple gifts of hand-made slippers all unraveled the day after Christmas.

Truth be told, I write because I can’t imagine life without it. That’s it. That’s all she wrote!

How do you express your desire for creativity?


  1. Love this! I'm the same way - can't draw, sing, play a musical instrument - but I can write :-D

  2. I'm like you and Kathy, Marilee - can't draw, sing, play an instrument! But, I can cook and love the challenge of creatng a well-written recipe!! And, you sure can write!!