Monday, August 8, 2011

Erin Lale: The Future is Boundless


The technical side of e-book publishing is far beyond my capabilities and, quite frankly, I’d rather be writing. Consequently, you will get no words of wisdom from yours truly. Fortunately, I received a long post from Erin Lale who not only writes but also formats her own books, embedding them with music, video and pictures. Her impressive bio follows.

Erin Lale is a contemporary sun print artist and the publisher and editor of Time Yarns, a transmedia experience featuring pictures, videos and music. She was the founding Chairman of City Lights Artists' Co-op and served on the Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Advisory Board. She’s published seven books as well as her science fiction series, Punch. In 2012, she plans to publish two science fiction anthologies showcasing other writers’ in Time Yarns.

Here’s Erin’s prediction for the future of e-books.

The technology to make e-books function like websites already exists; it’s just html! We’ve had it for years. I predict that in the future, e-book platforms will accommodate huge files and e-books will really come into their own as full transmedia experiences. I predict that in the future, if you watch a Marvel movie on your phone, you will be able to hover over a character like you do on Facebook to see tags, and a hyperlink will appear to take you to that character’s comic book. 

I predict that in the future, if you’re reading a book and a character mentions a song, even if the author didn’t put a link or embedded sound in the book you’ll still be able to click on the song and hear it play. I predict that in the future, content will be king; books, films, animation, music, games, and manga will all be supported on the same internet platform, and we will cease to call ourselves writers, musicians, filmmakers, and game designers, and everyone will be a transmedia artist.

 Internet and TV are already on their way to becoming fully integrated, with streaming video, broadcast TV news shows reading comments on their air from the show’s website forum, radio shows with integral chat rooms where listeners can ask questions of the show’s on-air guests live, and of course screen technology has finally progressed to the point where we can really watch TV and use a computer with the same screen, which the computer industry talked about for decades before the technology really got there.

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  1. Absolutely - I am a graphic designer, and once InDesign5 came out and I saw what it could do, I could see the future of ebooks. I have not learned how to design them yet, I'm still working only in print, but it sure looks like fun.