Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet Sparkle Abbey

Two Authors for the Price of One!

Hi Marilee                                                 
Thanks for inviting us to your blog.

We are Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter and we write the Pampered Pets mystery series together as Sparkle Abbey. The first two titles in the series are Desperate Housedogs and Get Fluffy which are out now. The next book: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is coming in the fall, followed by Yip Tuck in 2013.          
When we were asked by Bell Bridge Books to write under a pen name we decided to use the names of our two rescue pets. Sparkle (ML’s cat) and Abby (Anita’s dog.) We're friends and neighbors so you'll often find us writing at ML's dining room table or at our local coffee shop. 

As you might have guessed from the titles these are not dark serious sorts of mysteries. What we hope is that we bring readers a cozy, light-hearted mystery with a few fun bits about pets.

Sparkle Abbey (AKA Mary Lee Woods & Anita Carter)

The Pampered Pets series is set in Laguna Beach, California and alternates between the perspectives of two cousins: Caro Lamont who is a pet therapist and Melinda Langston who owns a pet boutique.  We alternate books with one of us (ML) writing the books starring Caro, and the other (Anita) writing the books starring Melinda.  What we share is the overall story line of the series, and other details such as setting, secondary characters, and a sub-plot with some conflict between the two cousins over a family heirloom.  
It’s been a very exciting journey for us and it continues to be exciting.  Desperate Housedogs just came out on audio through Audible, and both Desperate Housedogs and Get Fluffy were just picked up by Thorndike Press (Large-Print) for their Clean Reads program.
You can find more about us and our upcoming books at  There’s also a video of the real “Sparkle” doing some editing work on Desperate Housedogs.   


  1. Met the authors at Malice in April and love their books, looking forward to the next ones!

  2. I agree. Just saying their name makes me happy. Yay, Sparkle Abbey!

  3. Thanks! We truly are having a ton of fun with the series and the world of pampered pets! We hope to get a trip in to Laguna Beach this summer. In the name of research, you know...