Monday, June 18, 2012

Lost? Enjoy the Journey!

I have DD. Directional Disability. Before I was gifted with a GPS by my overly concerned loved ones, I always built in "lost time" when I travelled from Point A to Point B. And, guess what? I managed to get to my destination. Every time. Getting lost was my norm so it never bothered me. I considered it one of life’s little adventures. Along the way, I experienced new and interesting territory and met beautiful people who helped me along the way. Getting lost turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
My writing journey has been much the same. In writing circles, writers are known as “plotters” or “pantsers.” Plotters often outline their books, chapter by chapter and try not to deviate from the plan. Pantsers—those who fly by the seat of their pants—sit in front of the keyboard and create their books as the spirit moves them.

What am I? (Remember I have DD) When I start writing a book, I have a clear picture of the beginning and end. What lies between is a bit murky. But, I’m not afraid of getting lost. In fact, I welcome it. If I hadn’t lost my way in Moon Rise, I’d have never met half-demon twins, Beck and Nicole Bradford. In Moon Spun, I struggled to explain the unique powers possessed by Allie Emerson and suddenly, the faery kingdom of Boundless appeared. In Shadow Moon, Kizzy’s daughter, Carmel, popped up on the page and demanded an encore.

So, as a writer, as a person, don’t be afraid to get lost. Step off the well-worn path and open your mind and heart to new possibilities. It just might lead you to places you never dreamed of. Safe journeys and keep on writing.


  1. This is inspirational advice, Marilee. Power to the Pantsers!

  2. Yes, indeedy. However I have been known to outline when I get stuck. Not sure what that makes me. Probably a pantser/plotter.