Monday, January 26, 2015

Update from Marilee Brothers

After writing six books for the young adult market, I’m delighted to be writing for adults again. Fortunately, I’ve connected with a new publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, who just re-issued one of my earlier books, The Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam. Boroughs editor, Camille Hahn, and I collaborated to update the book throughout. I think the new cover is fabulous! There’s been some talk about making The Queen of Bedlam a series. Hopefully, that will happen. The book is now available on Amazon here:

Looking down the road, I plan to resurrect another of my earlier books, Castle Ladyslipper. I’m talking with a cover artist and will publish the book myself, under the title, The Curse of the Rose. If you like a historically accurate medieval romance with a touch of magic, this book is for you. I plan to have it up on Amazon by spring.

I’ve recently finished a book tentatively titled, Affliction, a romantic suspense/fantasy. The protagonist is twenty-two year old, Honor Melanie Sullivan (Mel) who considers her ability to look into a person’s eyes and read his/her soul an affliction. The book’s setting is Bend, Oregon where Mel experiences her first real relationship with the Harley-Davidson riding William Henry McCarty (Billy the Kid). Together, they stumble upon a human trafficking/baby-selling scheme. Fingers crossed that we will see this book in print in 2015.

That’s it for now. Best wishes to you all for a wonderful new year. Remember, the best kind of blather is Book Blather. Happy reading!