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Rebekah Jensen, writer of middle grade fiction and avid reader offers this look at one of her favorite children's authors. Welcome, Becky!
                               LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY

As a writer, there are times when I just want to read other’s work. I find myself thinking about what I like about a story and the author’s style. Every once in a while I’ll pick up a new book and just fall in love with it. I had never read Lucy Maud Montgomery’s THE STORY GIRL and was given a copy to peruse.

It turned out to be a new favorite. THE STORY GIRL a story that revolves around a group of children (cousins and their friends) who live in a small community on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Story Girl is one of the cousins and she has a talent of telling amazing tales and stories. The book is a delightful adventure of children as they interest with one another and learn more about life and growing up. I laughed, cried and just couldn’t put it down.

As a writer I found the conversations the children had a wonderful example of true children’s dialogue. LMM really captured the essence of child-like wonder and thought processes. I enjoyed the book so much that I picked up the sequel THE GOLDEN ROAD and again was absolutely enraptured by the story.

In fact, after I read those two books I decided to re-read all the LMM books. Her ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series have eight books (and a ninth one called THE BLYTHES ARE QUOTED, but I didn’t get a chance to read that one). They are all about Anne from her childhood to her children’s stories. The last book is RILLA OF INGLESIDE and it’s focus is Anne’s youngest daughter.

I also read CHRONICLES OF AVONLEA, FURTHER CHRONICLES OF AVONLEA and THE BLUE CASTLE. All of her books are wonderful! They deal with children, war, marriage, love, death and life in general. LMM also captures the beauty of nature (especially her beloved Canada) in all of her stories. Her rich descriptions make you long to travel and see all the beauty she writes about in her work.

I highly recommend reading (or re-reading) LMM’s works as a writer and a reader. Her Anne stories start out simple but the subject matter matures as Anne does. LMM’s works are a great tool for writers who want to develop strong characters, have genuine character dialogue (especially children) and write a well-rounded book that deal with the themes of life.

In the present writer’s market where the supernatural story reigns supreme, it’s nice to read a story that deals with real life situations and people. Don’t get me wrong! I love the fantasy stories, but there is something that stirs the soul when you read LMM’s works. She was an incredible storyteller and her work still stands after a hundred years.

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