Monday, April 28, 2014

Donnell Bell and Betrayed


Today’s guest is mystery writer Donnell Bell. When I found out her book Betrayed had been selected as May 3rd's Amazon’s Flagship Deal of the Day, I invited her to visit Book Blather. Donnell doesn’t like tooting her own horn, so it was a bit of a tough sell. After reading her post, I see that she’s figured out a way to attribute the honor to the story and characters, not her mad writing skills. She may not want to say it, but I will. This is a huge deal, very well deserved and she’s earned it through endless hours of hard work. Way to go, Donnell. Here’s hoping Betrayed’s special promotion will result in a bunch of new Donnell Bell fans.

What I’ve learned about this big old world 

The moment my first child entered this world, I learned a hard and fast rule.  This world was never about me.  There would always be something more important, and when child number two came along, that law increased exponentially. I raised two great kids, even putting them first when I knew they were bound to leave me.  And all at once, it hit me.  Soon this revolving world would not only be “not about me,” but these two that I had put into this lofty position would graduate high school, go off to college and learn . . . aha, the world’s not just about them.

Anticipating what came next, what did I do?  I pursued my passion for writing.  During my son’s sophomore year in high school, I left my newspaper job and turned to my love of fiction. 

But as soon as I did this I learned something else.  The moment I created characters, the world again became not about me.  It became about some characters that, quite honestly, made my children look altruistic.  I’ve never seen people who demanded such attention.  In The Past Came Hunting, Melanie asked, “Seriously?  You plan to make me jump from a moving semi?”  In Deadly Recall, Eden lamented, “What?  You want me to face Sister Beatrice’s killer?” And in Betrayed, Kinsey complained, “You can’t be serious.  You’re going to force me to be kidnapped by a cartel?”

When I told them to lighten up, they were starring in a suspense, and they’d end up just fine, they reluctantly agreed.  But it was like spoon-feeding a toddler a jar of green beans.  Some authors’ characters may obediently forge into danger.  Mine take on my insecurities and argue with me all the way.
So, why am I telling you all this?  Because on May 3rd, that day truly is “all about me.”  All right, my characters are stamping their feet. They want me to stress it’s not totally about me, rather my book, Betrayed.  On May 3rd, Betrayed will be Amazon’s Flagship Deal of the Day, and deeply discounted for $1.99. 
In Betrayed you’ll meet Irene Turner, Kinsey Masters and Detective Nate Paxton, along with a whole cast of characters that were very fun to write.  They’re hoping you’ll download their story, get acquainted and make it all about them.
Sheesh, even on the Deal of the Day I can’t catch a break.  It’s all about “Betrayed.” A mother, told her baby’s death was a lie, a daughter, rocked by her true identity, a detective, risking his life to protect them both.  All three of them . . . betrayed.
I hope you’ll check out the story, and make my characters . . . and all right . . .me, very happy.  Happy reading!

 Donnell Ann Bell, writes Suspense too Close to Home, better known as what might happen in your neck of the woods. She is the author of three books: The Past Came Hunting, Deadly Recall and her newest release Betrayed, all from Bell Bridge Books.  Her debut and sophomore releases have been e-book best sellers. Betrayed, is a 2014 Carolyn Reader’s Choice award nominee.  She co-owns Crimescenewriters with retired Veteran Police Officer Wally Lind and loves to hear from readers.  Check out her webpage at or find her on Facebook Twitter & Goodreads.



  1. Great interview! Having read and loved Donnell's first two books, I am so excited about Betrayed. Can't wait until May 3! It sounds wonderful, a sure fire winner!

  2. Having read all three of Donnell's thrill-a-minute mysteries, I can honestly say "Yes, it IS all about you, Donnell, because your characters would still be sitting in a dark corner somewhere waiting to be introduced to the world if you hadn't brought them to life...After that, it was all about them. The Amazon recognition is sooooo deserved and I'm anxious to see that Flagship Deal of the Day pop up on my Kindle on May 3rd! Congratulations!

  3. I will defintely check out BETRAYED, Donnell. Sounds like my kind of book.Thanks for the terrific interview. Much food for thought in there.

  4. Betrayed sounds like a fantastic read. I'm torn between waiting for the deal and downloading it RIGHT NOW! Good luck, now and on YOUR big deal day. And it is about you - a fantastic writer who deserves her day.

  5. Neener, neener! (sticks tongue out) Told you so, Donnell - LOL!

  6. LOL, Marilee, love neener neener. You're such a YA geek :) Thank you, thank you, thank you for your encouraging words everybody. Seriously when you know this world ain't all about you, when it hones in on you, it's nerve wracking. My characters still think they could have done this all by themselves, however. They're rolling their eyes :) Happy Monday!