Monday, September 17, 2012

Charmaine Gordon

Our guest today is the multi-published romance writer Charmaine Gordon. Her latest release is Sins of Omission. Welcome to Book Blather, Charmaine.

“On a hillside in Wisconsin an hour north of Fairview, Illinois, the man called Walter lay well hidden in a grove of trees. Scratched and bleeding from his narrow escape, he still smiled at how clever he’d been. The backpack with clothes and supplies in the attached shed proved easy to retrieve just in case. He snarled thinking of what spoiled his plans. Tomato soup on the floor. Spilled by Peter, the strange child. At least he didn’t talk all the time like the others. Next time no kids. Just a woman. A luscious one. Someone like voluptuous Lila without children. Ah Lila. He nearly tamed her. Number one on his great experiment. Find, convince, tame.
Like the Eagle Scout his father demanded him to be, his bag packed with all essentials for safe camping, he removed a mirror to examine his wounds, cleansed them with bottled water and applied a healing lotion. Superficial scratches. Insects buzzed around. Dirty clothes came off, he used baby wipes to cleanse himself, sprayed bug repellent on his skin and changed clothes. Fresh. He’d start fresh. New name. A. Allan, Albert, Alex. Alex. Perfect. Alex Walters. Alex Walters flexed his muscles. How he loved cleanliness. Next he needed a car to find Lila Olsen and her brats to clean up loose ends.”
This excerpt comes from Sin of Omission, my latest release. I ask you, dear readers, do I know such a person? Uh, no. He comes from my imagination. When an author writes about murder, he doesn’t have to commit a murder. Erotic scenes also come from dreaming, great dreams maybe but that doesn’t mean the author is running wild. Only in his/her fictional world does that happen. Well. Speak for yourself, Charmaine.
In my previous career as an actor, I had the privilege of learning other writer’s words and following their script. I appreciate the turn of a phrase, the use of all senses more easily portrayed on stage than in a book. Once I began to write, I learned to what’s called spill on camera but now on the page where you allow your emotions to flow; open a vein and don’t be afraid to let the reader see what’s inside. So when you read my books, know I’ve given freely of myself to you.
Survive and Thrive is a theme running through each story. Do I know about survive & thrive? Yes, I do. To go from day to day is often a game of survival. Not in the sense of war or poverty but getting along with your mate, children, relatives, friends. And these are the easy pieces of this puzzle called life. They don’t always fit together but often bend to accommodate.

Within the covers of a Romance/Suspense book is a fictional struggle ending with the happy ever. . .The lover of Romance will be bitterly disappointed if heroine and hero don’t work things out toward a rosy future.
Speaking of Rosy Future, does anyone born in the forties remember her first lipstick called by that glorious name with so much promise?
Love to all in the waning days of summer. Soon autumn leaves will turn and fall but not today.\


  1. Why do I think things aren't going to turn out too well for Lila? Guess I better read it to find out, because I suspect,Charmaine, you aren't telling at this point!

  2. I'm so excited to read this book, Charmaine. It's next on my list.

  3. Smoky, not to worry about Lila. Jimmy Costigan to the rescue. But lots more in the story to enjoy. Thanks for coming by.

  4. Melinda, you got through and I appreciate your warm reception. Next on the list sounds good to me. Thanks.

  5. Hi Susan. Exciting, romantic, suspense with conflict. What more can you ask for? Thanks for stopping by.

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