Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Review

In collaboration with Coffee Time Romance, I’m delighted to introduce Brenda McCoy whose review of Games of Command follows. Like so many of us, as a child Brenda read by flashlight under the covers when she was supposed to be sleeping. After growing up and a stint in the Army, Brenda still enjoys curling up under an afghan with an exciting new book. Welcome to Book Blather, Brenda.
Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair
Not everyone gets a second chance in life, but the revolutionary Lady Sass is one to the lucky ones. It sounds good, but there is Murphy’s Law. Lady Sass is Tasha Sebastien, the soon-to-be captain of the Huntership, Vaxxar. The Vaxxar is the Admiral’s flagship and he may hold a grudge against her for the cussing out he received twelve years prior. Reporting to the Vaxxar with a half empty bottle of wine sticking out of her knapsack, a hangover and a pet furzel called Tank may be the start of an interesting life. Or Murphy may have other ideas.
Admiral Brandon Kel-Paten’s job is to do the impossible. He is the Triad’s most loyal soldier and a biocybernetic. He is called the Tin Soldier but not to his face Biocybes were not fully human and their emotions were not acceptable. With physical strength three times that of a normal human male, analytical capabilities that matched or exceeded the computer systems of the best hunter ships, and a touch that could kill, people usually did not like to touch him. The Admiral had other ideas. One was the chance to have Tasha Sebastien at his side

Peace and cooperation had been the result of negotiations between enemies known as the Triad and the U-Cees. The resulting Alliance Personnel Integration Program allowed for an unlikely assignment of an ex-mercenary and a loyal biocybernetic soldier. Add to this mix an unlikely hero call Tank who weighs ten pounds and has long black and white fur. The question is: Is the war really over? Captain Sebastien and Admiral Kel-Paten discover that some things are not as the story is told. Mythical voids do exist and getting out of one is just another Murphy’s Law problem. Our hero will take care of the rest.
Ms. Sinclair continues with her superb command of the writer’s pen. She is constantly amazing in her ability to bring the unimagined to vivid life. From the first page you are immersed in the lives and loves of Ms. Sinclair’s fabulous characters. The story is never predictable and always exciting. If there is a Linnea Sinclair fan club, I am available as an enthusiastic member. Make her books your next addiction.

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