Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review - Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C. Maze

                                                   Rating: Outstanding

I don't usually read books about vampires because I'm always disappointed after being weaned on Anne Rice's “Interview with a Vampire” and Bram Stoker's “Dracula”. 

But “Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider” was like a breath of fresh air in the "same-old, same-old" vampire craze that's hitting the bookshops now. 

Beth Rider is a best-selling author of novels about vampires seeking redemption. And the vampires (or Rakum) don’t like it one little bit, especially as some of their kind are converting. So they’re out to get her. Watch out Rabbit!

Ellen C. Maze has taken a completely different angle on the genre and created a believable tale. She has been brave enough to include an inspirational direction which is something I've always found lacking in other vampire tales. Her inclusion of religious history is authentic and because the Rakum are a race that mingle with us mere Humans without us realizing, it makes me wonder about the people around me (paranoid now!). There is definitely Good and Evil in this world but, what makes it worse, is that the Rakum are not totally despicable - they have some redeeming and even likable features.
So, instead of being a light novel, this story presents much food for thought. But never fear, Ms Maze doesn’t preach at all because the reader is too busy following a great story-line that never seems to give up.
I found it to be one of those novels I was desperate to finish, and yet, scared to get to the end too quickly so with nails bitten to the quick I rationed myself to several pages a day.
The hook is there right from the beginning and it’ll never let you go, even after you’ve finished reading. But a quick word of warning to authors - be careful what you write about! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Submitted by Susan Roebuck, author of “Perfect Score” available from Awe-Struck Publishing.


  1. You are so sweet! I'm so happy you enjoyed my "baby"...I'll write you a new one right away. HUGS!! ellen

  2. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment, Ellen. Your book sounds fantastic and is next on my "to read" list. Please feel free to let us know what you're reading as well.

  3. Thank you, Marilee. I am reading Lee Guigon's Bell Mountain Vol. 1 in the Series

    "The world is going to end … as soon as Jack and Ellayne ring the bell on top of Bell Mountain. No one has ever climbed the mountain, and no one has ever seen the bell. But the children have a divine calling to carry out the mission, and it sweeps them into high adventure."

    I met the author after he reviewed my Rabbit novel, and his children's series looks fun.

    I love your blog!