Book Blather Staff

Blather Chief - Marilee Brothers
Avid reader, enthusiastic writer, dreadful but cheerful golfer and animal lover.

Culinary Advisor - Chef Jean Denham CC
Former classmate (of Marilee's), culinary school graduate, writer of cookbooks. Hopefully Jean will contribute recipes for fun foods to munch on while we're reading. (Note to Jean: anything over eight ingredients makes me crazy). To learn more about Jean, go to

Foreign Correspondent - Sue Roebuck
Born and raised in the UK, now living in Portugal, author of the highly acclaimed novel, Perfect Score. Her blog address is

Local Advisor - Cheryl Dale
Cheryl is a talented writer on the verge of breaking into publication. We always welcome her thoughtful posts. Be sure to check out Cheryl's blog at

Honorary Wine Consultant - Durella DeGrasse
Certified wine professional, may drop in from time to time to suggest the perfect wine to go with a cheesy comment.